Yvonne Coldeweijer laughs at gossip bobos paid by Talpa

Yesterday, Yvonne Coldeweijer laughed at the editors-in-chief of the three major gossip magazines in Beau van Erven Dorens’ talk show. These bobos paid by Talpa are so behind, she whines.

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Where it used to be the tabloids that made headlines in showbizland, today it’s the juice channels on the internet that stir the spirits. Juice queen Yvonne Coldeweijer had two mega firsts last weekend alone, namely about the Jumbo terror of Glennis Grace and the abuse by Lil ‘Kleine.

In John’s Pocket

According to Angela de Jong, it is precisely the gossip magazines that have made Yvonne and her juice colleagues great. “John de Mol has very cleverly the editors of the tabloids in his pocket with a place at Shownieuws,” said the opinion diva of the AD in her influential column

She refers to Private boss Evert Sankrediets, Story boss Guido den Aantrekker and Weekend boss Bart Ettekoven. All three receive money from Talpa. “With this, a market has automatically arisen for the juice channels that are not tied to the stars or higher journalistic ethics and that do throw all the greasy and filthy gossip into the world uncensored.”

Beau critical

Beau van Erven Dorens thinks the same about this, he shows in his talk show. “There is also an interesting phenomenon, because we have tabloids with all men in charge. Three out of four are paid by Talpa. I’m not saying they aren’t independent, but of course that doesn’t help with your independence.”

Then to his dinner guest Yvonne Coldeweijer: “Do you see that the world is spinning very much? That Boulevard, Shownieuws and the tabloids should regroup?”

Yvonne laughs

Yvonne then laughed at the tabloids. “If you’re talking about weekly magazines, that’s hilarious, of course, because those men you name now… That’s way behind now! They used to have a scoop and now it’s like: yes, we’ve all seen that online, Evert!”

Beau: “You’re shaking up the whole gossip journalism.”

Yvonne: “It’s not just me who hears. I also have a lot of respect for my other colleagues. Juice Channel, Gossip Talk, who also do their very best to expose these kinds of things.”


Sweet, thinks Jan Roos van GossipPraat that comment. And that while he has been at odds with Yvonne for months. Recently, Yvonne even threatened with a lawsuit against Gossip Talk.

Jan: “I just think that Yv will not press charges against Jan and Dennis at all. I think Yvonne likes Gossip Talk and would prefer to smoke a peace pipe. Well, we’ll think about it.”

One thing in common

Yvonne and Jan have one thing in common: they are both annoyed by Story boss Guido. She recently in the Quote: “Oh, they are so hypocritical. While Guido den Aantrekker was making fun of me on TV, he texted me a little later: ‘You are an interesting personality, you know: it’s a bit for the stage.’”

And Jan is mad at Guido, because he put the photo of Marco Borsato on the latest Story cover would have stolen from Gossip Talk. “Those images of Borsato are from Gossip, Guido!”


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