Galatasaray President Dursun Özbek made statements at the sponsorship agreement signing ceremony of Galatasaray Women’s Basketball Team. Özbek used flash statements about Yusuf Demir, who played in foreign status.

    The headlines from Özbek’s statements are as follows:

    “Galatasaray has a goal in the 100th anniversary of the Republic, I have the desire to be the club that wins the most trophies in sports branches. I give importance to sponsors for our amateur branches.

    Galatasaray is a brand known all over the world. When Turkey is mentioned in other countries, Galatasaray comes to mind. Me and my board members are satisfied. More importantly, the fans are satisfied, the fans of Galatasaray are satisfied. We are a sports club. We come from a 500-year-old educational institution.

    We worked hard after being elected. There is great work. We have increased the 2 month shift to 4 months. Work done until the morning, watching the players… We formed a very good team. We will get even better results. Mays belong to Galatasaray.


    Evaluating referee performances has now become commonplace. It is held every weekend. There is always a problem. I opened the newspaper yesterday, there is always talk of referees. We had great difficulties in our first 4-5 matches. Especially in the Konyaspor match.

    Salaries of players like Yunus are something we evaluate. We’ll explain it to you when the time comes.


    Yusuf Demir is our son. He caught the attention of European football at a young age and became a player of Barcelona. It is a source of happiness for us that Yusuf Demir is in Galatasaray. We are extremely pleased.

    We are looking at what has been written. Yusuf Demir could not play in Turkish status. Well, we already knew that, we didn’t learn it yesterday. Since Yusuf Demir played in Austria, he could not play for the national team. We knew this too well.

    A football player who plays for another national team 4 times cannot play for the national team of the country he belongs to, as per FIFA rules. Ok so far. We have not said what we have already said in this sense.

    Last match, two Turkish players appeared on the opposing team. We thought it was a mistake, but a foreign player was playing a Turkish player. Players who do not speak Turkish play as Turkish. It’s a pity that Yusuf can’t play as a Turk while all this is going on.”


    “Yusuf Demir is our son. He is our citizen. We must show him the necessary care and value. We have started and are doing the necessary work to bring Yusuf Demir to Turkish football and the Turkish National Team.”