Youth and family ministers discuss basic child security

POTSDAM (dpa-AFX) – The youth and family ministers of the federal and state governments are discussing accompanying measures for the planned introduction of basic child security in Potsdam. However, there are still differences within the traffic light coalition. Brandenburg’s Family Minister Ursula Nonnemacher (Greens) called on the federal government to start the project. “It would be a good signal if the starting shot could be fired at the federal level, even if not everything can be mapped,” she told the German Press Agency. “A motion at the conference addresses basic requirements for implementation.” Nonnemacher chairs the conference together with Brandenburg’s youth minister Steffen Freiberg (SPD).

According to the will of the traffic light coalition, the basic child security should combine existing services for children such as child benefit, the standard rate for children in the citizen benefit and the child supplement. The aim is to reach more eligible children. Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus (Greens) wants to increase benefits and had estimated costs of 12 billion euros. Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP), however, sees little room for maneuver in the budget. The family minister hopes for an introduction as planned in 2025.

One of the main motions of the conference aims to strengthen the participation of children and young people. Youth Minister Steffen Freiberg (SPD) said that the participation of children and young people in social and political processes is particularly important to him. Brandenburg is also pursuing this goal with the draft for a law on children and young people.

The ministers and senators also advise on the promotion of day-care centers. With the Kita Quality Act – the successor to the so-called Good Kita Act – the federal government is making around four billion euros available to the federal states in 2023 and 2024. Freiberg said there are still different positions between the federal and state governments. However, the common goal is to soon find a good common solution for the continuation of the legal regulations of the Good Daycare Act.

Other topics include a social structure for parental allowance with more support for low-income families and promoting breastfeeding in public so that there is no discrimination./vr/DP/mis