WZCs and CVO Miras are joining forces to tackle the shortage of healthcare personnel

    Together with the center for adult education MIRAS, they will therefore train healthcare professionals from March, especially in the workplace with a so-called dual trajectory. They are already working on this in Kortrijk and Bruges.

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    “For us it is especially important that the training can be close by. Why? The people we can now recruit who do not yet have the right diploma are not always the people who have their own car, who can continue the training .

    It is important to us that we can organize it together, regionally and very close by, to get more people to the training and the workplace,” says Nathalie Caron of WZC Huize Zonnelied in Ypres.

    ‘You get to know people well’

    The students go to class 1 day per week and 26 hours in the residential care center. During the training, which lasts one year and three months, they can also participate in this.

    “The great thing about the story is that you get to know the people during the training. At the same time, they also get to know the residential care center. And they are prepared for the work field in a different way. Once they have graduated and they remain in the workplace, then you no longer need the ‘new employee training’,” says Nathalie Caron.

    “We already have a program in Kortrijk and Bruges. And there we notice that students who start the dual course, that they stay. That loyalty is much greater,” adds Karen Godderis-Coene. She is team leader of the training at CVO Miras.

    ‘Win win’

    MIRAS has been offering workplace learning trajectories for a few years now. But since September last year, adult education can officially organize dual training, with much more room for on-the-job training.

    “This collaboration makes it a win-win situation for both parties. Miras now has extra classrooms, which are also equipped with up-to-date material, and it is interesting for the sector, because extra students are studying there. quality healthcare professionals,” concludes Karel Willemyns of CVO Miras.