Holland and Poland, hosts, open the world championship against Kenya and Croatia

    Netherlands and host Poland open today the Volleyball World Cup which will close on October 15 with the finals for gold and bronze in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. Twenty-four teams in search of the title that in 2018 went to Serbia, which overtook the blue in the final. Italy will play tomorrow (at 15) against Cameroon. Today’s program: at 6 pm Poland-Croatia; at 20 Holland-Kenya.

    The formula

    The first 10 days of the tournament see the 24 qualified teams divided into four groups (or pools). The first 4 of each group move on to the second phase. The remaining 16 teams will split into two groups and play four games against teams that did not face in the first phase. The best four of each group move on to the quarterfinals.

    The blue ones

    Dribblers: Alessia Orro, Ofelia Malinov.

    Crushers: Myriam Sylla (C), Elena Pietrini, Caterina Bosetti, Alessia Gennari.

    Headquarters: Marina Lubian, Cristina Chirichella, Anna Danesi, Sara Bonifacio.

    Opposites: Paola Egonu, Sylvia Nwakalor.

    Free: Monica De Gennaro, Eleonora Fersino.

    The groups

    Group A (Arnhem): Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Cameroon, Kenya.

    Group B. (Arnhem / Gdansk): Poland, Turkey, Dominican Republic, South Korea, Thailand, Croatia.

    Group C (Arnhem / Lodz): United States, Serbia, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, Kazakhstan.

    Group D (Arnhem): Brazil, China, Japan, Colombia, Argentina, Czech Republic.

    The blue calendar

    First phase: Saturday 24 at 15 Italy-Cameroon

    Monday 26 at 18 Italy-Puerto Rico

    Tuesday 27 at 18 Italy-Belgium

    Thursday 29 at 18 Italy-Kenya

    Sunday 2 October at 4 pm Italy-Holland.

    On TV

    All Italy matches will be broadcast by Rai 2 and Sky Sport 1.