As of: 06/28/2022 7:36 p.m

    Despite numerous positive tests in recent weeks, the world cycling association UCI relaxed the corona rules shortly before the start of the 109th Tour de France.

    Before the start and on two rest days, all drivers and team members now only have to have rapid antigen tests instead of PCR tests. In addition, the rule that a team is taken out of the race as soon as two drivers test positive no longer applies, the UCI announced. Some of the teams had already been informed beforehand. The tour kicks off in Copenhagen on July 1st.

    It is possible to continue driving despite a positive test

    A positive rapid test must be confirmed by a PCR test, but does not necessarily mean – this is also new – that the tour is over. In exceptional cases, the head doctor of the UCI and the Covid doctor of the tour operator ASO can decide that a driver can continue driving. For this it must be ensured that the infected person is not contagious and can transmit the corona virus.

    Recommendation: Daily tests

    In addition to the mandatory tests before and during the tour, the UCI issued urgent recommendations. These include that all drivers and team members should undergo a quick test every day if possible. On June 28, the Belgian was Tim Declerq the first nominated driver who had to forego a start because of a positive corona test.