11/25/2022 at 12:25 PM


    Confidence message from the talented ‘Mannschaft’ midfielder before Sunday’s duel

    “It is useless to insist on saying that we are in a shitty situation (sic) or this kind of thing,” he said

    Julian Brandtmidfielder for the German national team, Spain’s next rival in Group E of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, manifested this Friday in the Qatari town of Al Shamal that Luis Enrique’s team “comes from winning 7-0” in their debut against Costa Rica, “but” that they must “focus” on the clash -after having lost the first game against Japan (1-2)- “as an opportunity”.

    “There is no use insisting on saying that we find ourselves in a shit situation (sic) or this kind of thing. Spain comes from winning with enormous clarity, with a 7-0 win. But we have to see this game as an opportunity. We can release energy and face the situation with integrity,” Brandt said. during the press conference from Al Shamal, a town located about 120 kilometers north of Doha where the German team has its headquarters.

    “I was not in the Eurocup, but we also lost the first game there, against France; and the second we started losing against Portugal 1-0; if we lost we went home; but we ended up winning 4-2. And we qualified”, said Brandt, 26, who was also asked about the 6-0 loss that Luis Enrique’s men inflicted on Germany -the one still coached by Joachim Löw- two years ago in Seville, in a League of Nations match.“I don’t think that game has anything to do with it. It’s something that happened two years ago. We have improved in many things. As I said, in reference to what happened in the last Eurocup, we know this type of situation. Next Sunday’s game will start with the same chances for both teams. That 6-0 against Sevilla has nothing to do with Sunday’s game”, commented the Borussia Dortmund midfielder this Friday at Al Shamal.