Status: 10/31/2022 12:28 p.m

    A strong signal: The German Handball Federation (DHB) has offered 250,000 euros in bonuses for a possible title win for the upcoming European Championship for women, as recently for men.

    “With this bonus scheme, we are signaling what we live by internally: our women enjoy the same respect as our men.”said DHB President Andreas Michelmann, who is responsible for the scheme “also as a socio-political signal” understands. Be on the way to equal pay “Certainly there are still more steps to be taken, but this decision is more than a beginning”.

    The DHB captains Emily Bölk and Alina Grijseels see the negotiated sum “A strong signal for women’s sport. We are pleased about this appreciation, which has been integrated into the professional framework of the course measures in recent years.”

    Per diems are also closer to men’s levels

    The possible prize money would be distributed among the entire team, with an additional 20 percent for the team behind the team. Individual regulations apply to national coach Markus Gaugisch and the other coaches.

    The EM premiums, which are mainly covered by sponsorship for women and men, are staggered. The women’s team receives 30,000 euros for reaching the main round. The daily allowances of the national players (depending on the number of international matches up to 100 euros) have also come closer to the level of the men.

    Goal: Promote women’s handball

    The measures are based on a strategy paper by the AG Frauenhandball, which the DHB Bundestag had already launched in October 2021. This includes structural reforms in match operations and funding in order to sustainably increase interest in women’s handball at all levels in the “decade of handball” proclaimed by the association. The lighthouse project in women’s handball is the home world championship in December 2025, which Germany is hosting together with the Netherlands. The DHB selection is currently preparing for the European Championships with national coach Gaugisch in Tatabanya, Hungary.

    Still difficult times

    The discussions about psychological violence in women’s handball and the processing of the allegations against André Fuhr are ongoing. With their termination without notice at the women’s Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund because of their coach, the national handball players Mia Zschocke and Amelie Berger made the case public in mid-September. The 51-year-old Fuhr has also been working for the DHB on a fee basis since 2019.