Miedema’s goal at the start of the first half decides: the black and whites slip to third place, but qualification for the quarterfinals is still within reach and will be decided in the next matches against Zurich and Lyon

    Juventus Women are beaten for the first time this season in Europe. To betray Montemurro is his former team, Arsenal, more in the ball than in the first leg played at the Stadium. The 1-0 draw does not fully reflect the success of the Londoners, who could have consolidated the advantage already in the first 45 minutes and were then able to manage the match in the second half. The black and whites, on the other hand, struggled to find the way to score, even in the final forcing: they slip to third place in the Women’s Champions League group, but qualification for the quarterfinals is still within reach and will be decided in the next matches against Zurich and Lyon.

    Immediately Juventus

    Montemurro proposes only one change in the starting eleven compared to the first leg: Immaginant in place of Rosucci. In fact, the Swedish center has a better impact in maneuvering the defensive line in the non-possession phase, shortening the spaces for the opponent’s counterattacks. However, Juve wasted a very occasional start with Caruso and (on the goalkeeper’s short rebuttal) Girelli and in the end the mistake will weigh on the final result. Peyraud-Magnin responded to Arsenal’s first attempts, and when Blackstenius found the corridor to score, she was stopped for an offside position.

    Pass Arsenal

    The advantage of the Londoners comes immediately after the quarter of an hour through Miedema, served at the far post by a precise cross from the right by Blackstenius: the Juve goalkeeper is unable to intercept the parabola of the outgoing ball, but it is above all Lenzini who gets completely lost the marking of the opposing attacker in his area of ​​competence. In a subsequent quick restart, Foord even tries from afar: PPM holds up but Juve are clearly having difficulty containing their opponents. And you have to wait for the recovery to see some small trace of reaction.

    Final in control

    Montemurro keeps Bonansea out at halftime and throws Cernoia into the fray. The reaction is there but it’s rather timid, certainly ineffective in terms of clear goalscoring chances. Rather Foord is still denied by Peyraud-Magnin the possibility of doubling the lead. Halfway through the second half Cantore (for Caruso) strengthens the offensive package (in the final there will also be room for Bonfantini) but even the last quarter of an hour with four strikers will produce little or nothing in the goal area. Arsenal attacked less at the end but defended with order. And he closes it quite in control.