Juventus also stops Arsenal at the Stadium: 1-1, the European unbeaten hold on

    Juventus Women drew 1-1 at the Stadium with Arsenal and maintained their unbeaten run in the Champions League, at the halfway point of the group stage. Another good performance for the girls from Montemurro, watched as a special of the evening due to his time in the London club. Fairly balanced match, back and forth in the first 15 minutes in the second half and the right result as seen on the pitch, on both sides. The Londoners thus remain in command of the group ahead of Juve (at -2) and Lyon, followed by less distance (-3 from the top) after the day’s success against Zurich.


    Out of Immaginant for technical choice, Rosucci plays behind paired with Salvai and is among the best in the field: the near future of the Turin midfielder will probably be there, as a central defender. In the first few minutes, only Juve’s half was played, with almost all of the London team close to the Juventus penalty area. In reality, however, the first two chances of the match are black and white, with Bonansea (who is unable to catch from close range) and with Boattin (who is unable to exploit as he would like from a free-kick from distance).


    Arsenal try to stay high and with a discreet dribble they are seen several times in Peyraud-Magnin’s area, never with conviction until the half hour. Then he wastes sensationally three times with Blackstenius: the right wing escapes Salvai’s control the first time and hits the top of the crossbar, the second time he is anticipated by the Juve goalkeeper in low exit and the third fails to hook a good tip from the left a stone’s throw from the goal line. While Caruso could unlock before the interval with a header that ends just wide.


    The goal that made the Stadium explode with joy came seven minutes into the second half: Girelli found a central corridor to serve Beerensteyn, good at staying clear on the first check and waiting for the right moment to pass Zinsberger. The away team’s reaction, however, was not long in coming: and so at game time the equalizer arrived on the developments of a corner kick, thanks to a Miedema header. Balance was also restored on the pitch, despite the substitutions in the final minutes. The only thrill in full recovery is for the Juventus defense on an insertion by Foord, but Peyraud-Magnin closes again in the exit. It ends 1-1.