Emergency services examine the vehicle involved in the accident Photo: Spreepicture

    By Dirk Boettger

    Dramatic scenes on Thursday evening in Buckow!

    Around 7 p.m., a Renault SUV left the parking lot of a pharmacy on Marienfelder Chaussee. Witnesses later reported that the car hit a woman but did not stop. Loud screams are said to have been heard from the run over woman, which fell silent a little later. Apparently she was dragged along, about 500 meters away!

    Finally, passers-by are said to have ensured that the SUV was stopped and stopped on the right-hand side of the road in a bus lane.

    The Berlin fire brigade was immediately alerted to the scene of the accident. The accident car was lifted with technical means. But any help came too late for the victim.

    In a BVG bus, direct witnesses were cared for a little later by a pastor.

    The police are now investigating the mysterious accident.


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