commented Susanna Gray in ‘El hormiguero’ (A-3) the good relationship he maintains with John Charles I, apparently a habitual communicative fluidity, by phone or whatsapp. Y Paul Motorcycles nodded. It is indeed so.

    They remembered, for example, that moment, recently, when Juan Carlos communicated directly with Susanna –while she was presenting ‘Public Mirror’– to point out the Pique and that matter of transferring the Super Cup to Saudi Arabia. It happened exactly last April 19. Some considered it a great ‘scoop’ or scoop.

    And in that climate they were, savoring this journalistic conviviality between Susanna Y Juan Carlos, when motorcycles he realized that what is missing here is a good interview with this tremendous monarch, wandering and resigned. And they humorously speculated which of the two the emeritus would choose to be interviewed.

    Man, I agree: a good TV interview to Juan Carlos would be the pear. With good questions, well documented, and better cross-examination, it would be a hit. What they haven’t told us is why this interview is impossible. The emeritus may not want to, or he may be lazy, I do not dispute that. But, above all, those who would never allow it are those of the monarchical, legal and political ‘apparat’, the living forces established here and now. And naturally they would already be in charge of persuading the television empires – in case there was one willing to broadcast it – alleging high reasons of State and little things like that.

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    If we imagine this impossible interview, it remains to be seen which of the two would do it. by audience, motorcycles gives soups with wave to the grey. ‘El hormiguero’ has an average audience share of almost 16%, and 2.5 million regular viewers. ‘Public mirror’ is at 13.7% and 400,000 addicts. Another advantage of motorcycles is that I could ride Juan Carlos a seafaring performance, a reproduction of the Rascal on the set, and the ants scattered on the deck, in bikinis. Happiness. childishness and foam, the formula that this program has achieved with such success.

    oh! The emeritus would have a great time. Just in case they already did a rehearsal right there with Charles Later cloning the resigned King. oh! brass He told us «Spaniards, make the Income Statement» but when he finished exclaiming «We are all Treasury!» he couldn’t finish the sentence because he burst out laughing.