Windmill island Harelbeke becomes green lung

    The tip of the Moleneiland, a nature reserve according to the regional plan, has already been equipped with a fish passage, sown with stream valley flora and planted with trees that belong in the historic Leie landscape. The company buildings on the remaining part of the island (with the exception of one building with heritage value) have been demolished and the lock has been built.

    After all, it was previously agreed in a cooperation agreement to designate the downstream part of the island as a nature and park area and to repurpose the Bloemmolens and surroundings into residential areas.

    The view is now being revised. In the non-finalized spatial implementation plan (RUP) Moleneiland it became clear that the area is no longer fully suitable as a residential area. In implementation of the policy plan, the city wants to preserve open spaces and took maximum account of the comments from residents that resulted from the participation of the RUP.

    “That is why we are now increasingly steering towards an interpretation as urban open space with numerous possibilities for nature, recreation and ecology. Only the Bloemmolengebouw will have a residential destination instead of the entire environment of the Moleneiland. We are convinced that with these plans we will meet the wishes of the local residents and see this piece of natural and recreational green space with residential use as a good addition to the existing offer in Harelbeke,” says a satisfied alderman David Vandekerckhove.