Wimbledon, Sinner beats Alcaraz and flies to the quarterfinals

Until the 1st round he had never won a match on grass, he grants a set but imposes his law on the Spanish starlet. On the horizon is Djokovic

The challenge of the future, the first glimpse of the Slam between the two brightest talents in tennis is beautiful, tiring even just to watch it in front of the TV. It is a tug-of-war between phenomena that starts with a full-blown Sinner and ends with a Carlos Alcaraz growing up to ignite the battle that lasts three and a half hours and, unfortunately, or fortunately has only one winner named Jannik Sinner. The underdog on the eve, which everyone considered dead even before entering the field, dominated the first two sets, missed two match points in the third tie break and in the end triumphed by pulling himself out of the difficulties as a true champion after missing others. 3 match points. “Sinner has no hope”, “Alcaraz is too strong”. But no. This time the strongest is Jannik Sinner. He finishes 6-1 6-4 6-7 (8) 6-3 and now on the horizon is Novak Djokovic who defeated the Dutch Van Rijthoven tonight.

What a team

The award-winning firm Vagnozzi & Cahill works, and how. To the work begun by the technician from the Marches after the separation of the South Tyrolean from Riccardo Piatti, was added the experience at the Slam level of the Australian technician capable of bringing Lleyton Hewitt to world number 1 but also Agassi and, more recently, Simona Halep. A man of order, Cahill, who started with Jannik first in “dad”, between telephone and zoom, when Jannik had come out bruised from Rome and Paris, and then in person at Wimbledon dividing himself between pitch and commentary booth with Espn. Few advice, but good, decisive. An ideal base for a profitable future. Even Andre Agassi, who won the last Slam of his career with Cahill, said that the coach had been able to give him that order and calm that he had missed for too long. Now, to reap the rewards is Sinner, for the first time in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon, the very one who had never won a main draw on the lawns until the first round.

The match

The match begins with Jannik Sinner serving. The first point is from Alcaraz, in response, and there are already fears that the malevolent prophecies of the eve may be fulfilled. Under 0-30, Jannik halves the disadvantage with service and forehand, then closes for 1-0. Sinner, is released, is aggressive in response and is in the lead 30-0 on the service of the Spaniard who manages to catch up but in the end gives up the service. Sinner responds flawlessly, taking the lead 30-15 also in the sixth game on a Spanish serve: two break points arrive for the Italian who now climbs 5-1. When needed for the set, Sinner reaches 30-30. Then he closes with an ace going to rest with a score of 6-1 in 31 minutes. Alcaraz is in a hurry to play, he immediately returns to the field. He starts with a double fault and a forehand mistake, ends up under 0-30. Another mistake with the forehand for Carlitos, and two break points materialize for Jannik, who does not miss the opportunity and grabs the third break of the match. Sinner is good at keeping the advantage until the end and also taking home the second set for 6-4.

Third partial that can turn into drama for Alcaraz, forced to cancel three break points at the opening. The Spaniard now puts all his “skills” on the pitch, but Jannik is always ready to attack. In the seventh game we go to the advantages, Sinner fails to give the paw that would have killed the game and goes to serve a very delicate turn with the Spaniard on 4-3. It goes to the advantages, Alcaraz misses a short ball and puts Jannik back on track capable of closing 4-4. A suffering that gives confidence to Sinner, able to go 30-30 on Alcaraz’s serve. The blue’s attack does not go through and then risks something in the 10th game thanks to a sharp decline in the first players on the field. At 6-5 for Alcaraz, Jannik finds his serve and keeps zero. We go to the tie break. Sinner continues to serve second, Alcaraz is now surgical with the first. Minibreak for Alcaraz that goes 4-3 with two services. Then 5-3 and 6-3. Three set points for the Spanish. The first is canceled with a bit of luck and tape. Service and straight to cancel the second. The third is a phenomenon winner. All to be redone. At 6-6, an error by Alcaraz sends Sinner to a match point on his serve. Nothing to do, Alcaraz is confident and takes home the third set by winning the tie break 10-8. In the fourth the suffering is palpable, Sinner sprints ahead with a break in the 4th game but grants 3 opportunities to immediately return to his rival. With three champion points he cancels them and in the end confirms the advantage: 4-1. Oxygen for the South Tyrolean, freezing shower for the Spaniard who in the end is beaten by an extraordinary battle. And if this is an appetizer, the future will be a delicious dish.