Wim Opbrouck shows 30 years of visual work in book and exhibition

    In this book, Wim Opbrouck bundles his visual work for the first time. From diaries without censorship to unique drawings. “I think there are 300 pages, it is not numbered, I think about 3,000 scans were made. There are also many drawings of during the filming of Het Eiland. We had to wait a lot. I made 100 portraits of Sammy Tanghe. The weird thing is: you might get rid of that, but I’ve kept all that, everything from day one, I think that’s a very nice series.”

    Expo and Drawing class

    The book -Public Works- fits in seamlessly with his exhibition – Open Heart – in the Museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent. There he unleashes his colorful collection of drawings and notebooks full of fantasy on the visitors. There is also an interactive drawing class that you can hire, including a signer and reader.


    Finally, outside there is a special eye-catcher, a washed up humpback whale, a sizeable colossus with its own story and associated meaning. “A beached whale moves me. The animal is lost and finally collapses under its own weight. I wanted to do this here because this was once a psychiatric institution, where many people used to be stranded. I paint it for a week, together with vulnerable groups who come by, from children with autism spectrum disorders to people from Ukraine. And I say to everyone who comes: put another layer on it. The whale will become everyone’s, that was my intention.” The exhibition will run from Sunday until early next year at the Museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent.