To the chagrin of many beach house owners in Zandvoort and Bloemendaal, the trance music of the Luminosity festival has been playing for four days since 12 noon this afternoon. Many visitors don’t care about the beach house owners who are not waiting for the festival. “Then you shouldn’t come to Zandvoort this weekend,” says a lady who is about to walk onto the site.

    Visitors make fun of beach house owners – NH Nieuws

    Many beach house owners therefore choose the harepath, such as Jan Maart, who has a house right next to the festival site. “It’s a drama. If it really starts later, I’ll have to flee because my whole house will be going back and forth soon. You can’t keep that up.” The festival, which kicks off with tropical temperatures, has four stages and attracts an international audience.

    “There are indeed strong bass tones. And that is necessary”

    festival visitor

    In the passage between the first and second rows of beach houses, an elderly lady walks packed and slumped towards the beach entrance. “I’m smearing it. Look, I like music but this is going really fast.” Beach house owner Jan does not understand that the municipality gives permission for such an event. “Children sleep here, people come here to relax. It’s just ridiculous.”

    Shaking houses and clinking glasses

    That some of the beach house owners not amused is with the four-day trance festival, is not something the average visitor loses sleep over. And that residents complain about vibrating houses and clinking glasses on the shelf should be taken for granted, that’s the mood.

    “Of course there are big bass tones. And they should be!” laughs a male visitor, who boosts the average age of the audience. “You have your beach house at your disposal all year round. One weekend there is a party with some noise pollution. You just have to get over that.”

    Make the best of it

    One owner reveals that some of the house owners hope that the festival will get out of hand. “If the organization itself messes up, they won’t get a permit next year,” he says. “And they all hope so.”

    Still other house owners decide to make the best of the situation, such as an elderly gentleman who has his cottage right next to the property. “I have hearing aids and I can take them off,” he laughs. “So that makes a difference again.”

    A blond lady who has a house a little further on, decides to make a virtue of necessity. “I have nothing against it, it’s only for four days,” she says. “In fact, I’m going to dance somewhere in the next few days.”