Will double-muscled cows soon join the new Easter cattle song? “One, two, hopsakee”

It’s still a week to wait, but it can’t be Paasvee soon enough for DJ Marcel Meijer and singer Lars Groenink. On March 29, Schagen, this year for the first time without corona rules, will again be full of double-muscled cows and partying people. According to the duo, that is enough reason for a special song about this annual party. The song comes out today.

Marcel Meijer and Lars Groenink – NH News / Kelly Blok

The idea for a smashing party song about Paasvee had been on the shelf of Marcel Meijer from Anna Paulowna for some time. But now that all corona rules are finally over, the timing couldn’t be better, according to the DJ.

Meijer went into the studio for a new song together with Lars Groenink, who has also been providing entertainment at the annual event for years. Marcel had had the text ready for a while. “The song describes a day at Paasvee,” explains the DJ. “It starts seriously and then the party just starts,” adds Lars Groenink. “Wednesday to the pub, one, two, hopsakee.”

In the video below you can see how Marcel and Lars practice the song for the last time before the big day (text continues below the video).

Marcel and Lars are practicing their new Easter cattle song – NH News

Marcel and Lars are individually or together at Paasvee to provide the music in several places. The new Paasveelied, called ‘Paasvee, party along!’, will often come through the speakers that day. “All DJs will also receive it that day, so we hope that the song can be heard a lot,” says Marcel.

As of today it is already possible to memorize the lyrics of this new song, because the Easter cattle song can already be heard on Spotify and itunes. “Who knows, it might become a hit,” laughs Marcel.

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