Daphne Deckers has taken the train for the first time in years and is very upset that coffee and tea are not served in the compartments. “Where’s that cozy cart?”

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    Daphne Deckers, who lives in Muiderberg, hardly ever uses the train, because she thinks it is too time-consuming if you live outside the big city. To travel to a concert in the Rotterdam Ahoy, she recently decided to give it a try. She did not go out with her very expensive car, but very simply with public transport.

    “Where’s the coffee?”

    Once Daphne was in her seat on the train, she started to look around nervously: where is the waitress who asks what she wants to drink? “I miss the rail catering. That cozy cart with coffee and snacks,” she writes in De Telegraaf.

    The Dutch Railways discontinued the remaining coffee carts a few years ago, because there is now enough available at the stations. “Yes, that’s right, but my journey to relatives in Maastricht takes more than two hours, so a fresh cup of coffee on the way was a welcome change,” says Daphne.

    Unsafe journey

    No, they won’t see Daphne again on the train. It is also unsafe, says the writer. She tells that she was once robbed on the night train. “When the conductor told me he ‘had no authority’ to question them further, I was done with it.”

    And a friend of Daphne’s was recently attacked at the Paris train station. Well, says Daphne: “If they want people to take the train more often for European destinations because of CO2 emissions, the stations really need to be better monitored.”

    ‘Not coming back’

    Incidentally, it is impossible that the NS will decide to serve coffee on the train again after Daphne’s cry for help. “In recent years, NS has invested a lot in facilities at stations,” the train company said earlier.

    So Daphne can just buy something at the station before she gets on the train. “They can go to the station shops or the Kiosk on the platform for a coffee or something to eat, for example.”


    Where Daphne asks for some snacks and drinks on the train, other passengers have something more substantial problems. For example, the Bright tech editor barely manages to hold his own on today’s trains: