With that timeless spirit that fashion has; despite the heat, boots are the most chosen footwear of the summer, especially at night by the sea, when the daytime temperature drops a few degrees. To tell the truth, on the European catwalks that announced the autumn-winter seasonwere an obligatory item, in all imaginable variants.

    The catalogs of the big brands, from Isabel Marant to Valentinothey incorporated them long, short, glamorous or urban.

    In the top parties of Punta del Este, the preferred model is the one that reaches the knee and has a toe and fine heels. “Wrinkled” they call these boots, which leave a large space between the leather and the skin and slide down when the wearer begins to walk. Sofia “Jujuy” JimenezFor example, she wore a brown suede pair a few days ago, which paired perfectly with a craft-inspired mini dress. Zaira NaraFor her part, she went to an event on the beach wearing green boots with leather trims. Her very high heels sank into the sand, but the model overcame the obstacle with the elegance that characterizes her.

    The models

    Giuseppe Zanotti, the famous Italian shoemaker, sells a pair in the colors of the rainbow for almost a thousand euros. And in the online store of Christian Louboutin, a classic black knee-high boots, with the characteristic red sole, are listed around 1,700 euros. It is to be expected that Argentine shoe stores will offer cheaper options this winter for the most fashionable boots of the year.

    Sofia Chule von Wernich

    The low temperatures in Europe have always favored models above the knee. Here, this type of “buccaneer” boots represent an investment that is not usually amortized. In any case, as they will also be a trend this year, it is likely that many will succumb to the temptation to buy a pair.

    Daphne Eyebrows

    Another design that is always in force is the “Texan”, which is worn with skirts or pants and can remain unchanged for decades in the closet, without going out of style. For every day they continue “to full” the boots that many continue to wear, even if it is 40 degrees and the world is melting with heat.

    Because whatever the temperature, your own style is not abandoned.

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