Whiskey rejuvenates the skin

The ingredients found in whiskey help keep the skin in good condition, a recent study shows.

Elixir of life: when consumed in moderation, whiskey can have many health benefits. MIKKO HUISKO

According to a recent study, the ingredients in whiskey help keep the skin healthy. The by-products produced in whiskey production can be used in skin care products.

Department of Pharmacy and Biosciences, Robert Gordon University, Scotland in the study researchers discovered that pot ale, an ingredient produced in the whiskey manufacturing process, contains antioxidants that can be utilized in skin care products.

The ingredient, among other things, reduces swelling, prevents inflammation and calms skin redness, the study reveals. It also helps the skin look younger.

Zaza & Cruz, a Scottish company that manufactures skin care products, was involved in the study. The company has adopted the ingredient in its own products.

– The Robert Gordon University team has developed a great partnership with Zaza & Cruz, which is reflected in successful research projects investigating the antioxidant effect of whiskey-derived pot ale in care products, Senior Lecturer who led the research Carlos Fernandez says.

The research was inspired by the observation made by a Japanese company in the 1970s that the fermentation process of sake yeast had positive health effects on the skin.

of WebMD whiskey also has other good health effects. The polyphenols in whiskey have been linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. In small doses, whiskey can also help relieve flu symptoms such as cough and congestion.