Hanna Tikander talks about her relationship with her body and her revealing photos in the Selvin päin – Australissa podcast episode.

    Hanna Tikander is also known as the co-host of the Mimmit invests podcast. Inka Soveri

    Every time a social media influencer and podcast host Hanna Tikander posts a revealing picture on his Instagram account with 20,000 followers, followers leave.

    Tikander’s Instagram account revolves around his everyday life and work. He openly deals with themes that are important to him, such as carelessness, introspection, sports and therapy.

    In the latest episode of the Selvin päin – Australissa podcast, Tikander tells what kind of feedback he gets from his social media photos. He also says that he thought about setting up an Onlyfans account.

    – About a year ago, when I received the first nasty comments about some more revealing content, I had this idea, says Tikander.

    He feels that all the content he publishes on Instagram stays within the bounds of good taste. Tikander says that he publishes “more spectacular and revealing content” among the main themes.

    – It’s interesting to notice that even when I post a more revealing or revealing picture of myself, every time such a deviation from the norm causes a big drop in the number of followers. Then I get a lot of negative comments, Tikander says.

    Tikander says that the missing Followers and the senders of nasty comments are women.

    – I fully understand that it may irritate, confuse and distress people. Maybe I read the negative comments and follower drops myself so that these people are interested in “real things”, such as living in the best way or therapy. Then all of a sudden, when you come to my profile and a picture has appeared where my butt is visible, it can confuse you and make you feel like “what the hell, I didn’t come here to follow this kind of content”, says Tikander with understanding.

    Tikander emphasizes that he has not always been confident about himself and his body. After traveling a long way, he is totally tired of “reducing” himself.

    Tikander describes how she used to dream of wearing a bright red mini dress, but still opted for an army green cover-up dress – at least it wouldn’t be too much.

    – Is it (revealing pictures) a result of having somehow felt for a really long time that you have to shrink and cover yourself up. It has been very bad mentally and physically for a very long time. Now, one wants to loudly proclaim one’s own positive development in the direction of being in a good place with one’s self, for example through pictures and videos, Tikander reflects.

    Hanna Tikander’s podcast can be found on Podimo.

    Source: I survived – in Australia podcast, Podimo

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