What a scare for Aguero: during a broadcast he holds his chest: “I think I have…”

Scary seconds for Kun Aguero. The former Argentine striker held his chest during a broadcast

Scary seconds for Kun Aguero. The former Argentine striker, who retired due to cardiac arrhythmia problems, is today a popular football commentator, given his very popular streaming broadcasts in the company of the Spanish character Ibai Llanes.

During the last episode, Aguero at one point fell silent, holding his chest, and then exclaimed: “I think I have a mini arrhythmia”. To which Ibai, conductor, after a few moments of concern asked him: “Do you want us to go to a doctor?”. The Kun, calmer, replied: “No, because I have a chip and it will detect it”, the words of him with his cell phone in his hand to check the application that tells him how his heart works based on the signals sent by the chip .

(Source: caras.perfil.com)