Westtoer presents West Flemish beer guide

    The West Flemish beers and breweries tell authentic stories. Numerous unique addresses have international fame. More than ever, the West Flemish beers and breweries are putting the tourist regions on the map as a gastronomic travel destination with an international audience. The new beer guide is part of ‘Het Lekkere Westen’ and the theme year about gastronomy at Westtoer.

    West Flanders has 58 breweries and several West Flemish beers are among the best in the world. Sabien Lahaye-Battheu, deputy and chairman of Westtoer: “Our beers and breweries are part of the culinary wealth in West Flanders and have international allure. Local assets are a strong added value for the contemporary tourist offer. The many unique addresses and stories in the new beer guide inspire you to visit the regions and Bruges”.