The municipality of Westerveld has lifted the smoking ban. Because of the drought, it was forbidden in that municipality to make fire outside, to light candles or torches or to burn patio fireplaces and fire pits. That prohibition also applied in the private garden. Now that it has rained, the ban is no longer necessary, the municipality reports on its website.

    The ban was introduced on August 26 and has been lifted since this weekend. Nevertheless, the municipality asks to remain cautious. Because it may have rained, there is still drought in nature reserves.

    Chief officer Martijn Pors of the fire brigade in Dwingeloo states that the behavior of people still poses the greatest risk. “Think of discarded cigarette butts, barbecues or the hot catalytic converter of a car. Be sensible and really avoid anything with fire, sparks or heat near nature”.

    The weather is of course not exactly suitable for barbecuing. Later this week we will have “quality autumn”, says RTV Drenthe weatherman Hans Nienhuis: the temperature will rise to 19 or maybe 20 degrees later this week.