Wendy van Dijk has to fear for her job now that her husband Erland Galjaard has decided to step down as Talpa bobo. Evil tongues on juice channels and online media suggest that.

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    Erland Galjaard announced yesterday that he is leaving as advisor to Talpa Network, John de Mol’s media company. He says it takes too much time. “Now that the merger does not go through, the work will not be less and I believe that now is the time to devote more attention and time to other projects.”

    Wendy sustainable?

    Quite striking news, says Tina Nijkamp. The former broadcaster boss of SBS 6 notes: “For Wendy and Erland, this will also mean that for the first time since their relationship started in 2007, they will no longer work in the same company.”

    For years, Erland and Wendy formed a notorious tandem at RTL; he as channel boss of flagship RTL 4, she as the presenter of his most important programs. When he left for Talpa, she followed. And now Wendy is left alone at SBS 6. Is her position still tenable with all the flops she has scored?

    Flop after flop

    The much-discussed juice channel Juice Channel fears the worst for Wendy. “His Verwendy followed him when he went to Talpa. The last programs she has presented were anything but a success, so we wonder how long it will take before she is kicked out.”

    Also in the popular comment module of NU.nl many people think that way. “Then Ms Van Dijk’s contract will no longer be extended. Since the switch, it has been flop after flop,” says Wouter, for example.

    Faded glory

    A Bart thinks that Wendy is past glory. “Galjaard and Van Dijk are partners. I think any other person would have stopped seeing Van Dijk on TV before. She used to have fun, but that was a long time ago.”

    And another Bart, who describes himself as ‘Television man’, remarks: “Good news for Erland Galjaard to leave the sinking ship. Bad news for his wife, Wendy van Dijk. Because only by his grace did she still play a significant role at SBS after a long series of flops to her name.”


    Loes thinks that is utter nonsense. “What makes you think that? Wendy has had good jobs for years, long before she knew him.”

    Bart then: “She indeed HAD, long before she knew him. In recent years she has been a flop queen. Song On The First Face, Wendy & Chantal, Flirty Dancing, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.”

    Last weekend Wendy booked her first ratings success in a long time. The new season of Wie van de Drie started with 925 thousand viewers, making her the big winner at half past nine in the evening.

    “Wendy stays with Talpa for Wie van de Drie,” concludes NU.nl commenter Willem.