In the night from Saturday to Sunday it can freeze in several places. That reports weatherman Frank Duboccage. Significant snow cover may fall for the first time in the Alps.

    Today it is dry in many places in our country. A few showers are already active in the west. During the course of the day it will be cloudy everywhere with a few showers. At the end of the day it will be mostly dry again. A few showers are still possible only against the Dutch border. The temperatures are about 11 degrees.

    Tonight and tonight it will remain changeable in the north of the country, with periods of rain. Elsewhere it will remain dry and even some clearance is possible. It gradually cools down to 6 degrees. The rain zone in the north of the country is gradually sinking to the south. So we will start with rain, but eventually it will become drier from the north with some clear spells. Cold air is also coming in, it will be a maximum of 7 degrees.

    Mixed next week

    In the night from Saturday to Sunday it can freeze in several places. Sunday will start cold, with dry weather at first. A new rain zone is heading our way from the west and showers will follow afterwards. In terms of temperature, we arrive at about 9 to 10 degrees.

    Next week it will remain very changeable and autumn-like weather, with rain or showers every day. Strong winds are also expected. At the end of the week it will be slightly softer, with maxima around 12 degrees.

    Good news for winter sports enthusiasts

    There is good news for winter sports enthusiasts. It will get colder in the Alps in the coming days and a significant layer of snow may fall to a lower altitude for the first time, according to Lander Van Tricht. He is a glaciologist at the VUB and a weatherman at NoodweerBenelux.

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    “The transition to the cooler and more snowy weather is due to the Atlantic Ocean. It will become very active in the coming days with several low pressure areas moving closer to Europe. The associated frontal structures then reach over the Alps,” says NoodweerBenelux. The western and northwestern Alps in particular are in the line of fire because the precipitation is brought in from the west. The south side first gets even less snow because it is in the shadow of the Alps.

    The snow line is still around 2,000 meters at first, but drops steadily to below 1,200 meters with the arrival of cooler air. That means that many areas will turn white. Cumulatively, 30 to 50 cm of snow can fall in the (north) west through Monday, and 10 to 30 centimeters elsewhere along the north side. On the south side is the centimeter work.

    Severe weatherBenelux

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    Vosges and Black Forest

    Early next week, the weather models will show very dynamic weather maps. A low-pressure area is created above the Gulf of Genoa, which starts a transport of moist air from across the Mediterranean Sea. “Then there can also be a lot of snow on the south side, and especially in the Dolomites,” according to Van Tricht. A few tens of centimeters of snow are also possible here. For the rest of the week it remains changeable with regular snow, especially in the west of the Alps. And so the winter season in the Alps really seems to be getting under way.

    Severe weatherBenelux

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    During the weekend, the chance of some winter precipitation increases from the northeast of the Netherlands, according to NoodweerBenelux. The Vosges and the Black Forest may turn a little white for the first time. That is certainly not exceptional, the snow will melt away quickly in these areas.

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