There is a good chance that we will officially enter a heat wave next week. “The counter will start running on Sunday,” says meteorologist Alfred Snoek of Weerplaza. “With the current forecasts, it should certainly work.”

    For an official heat wave, it must be 25 degrees or warmer for five days in a row. And of those five days, the temperature must rise above 30 degrees on three days. And that will work, Alfred Snoek thinks. “I think it will be a heat wave, especially in Brabant, it is doubtful for the center of the Netherlands.”

    We will probably touch 25 degrees for the first time in Brabant on Sunday. “Then that counter starts to run,” says Snoek. “And if it doesn’t work out on Sunday, then certainly on Monday.” And then it will most likely remain warm all week. So those five days in a row, that will work.