We are facing the “sixth mass extinction”

06/01/2023 at 15:31


We may be entering the “sixth mass extinction”

Biodiversity seems to be in danger

In these times, climate change is one of the most present issues, but that is not the only culprit for all the problems that affect the biodiversity that exists on our planet. And it is that now Scientists say we could be at the gates of “sixth mass extinctionand humans are to blame for this happening on our planet.

A new study has revealed that the planet is losing its biodiversity, since after analyzing more than 70,000 species worldwide, it has been possible to determine that a little less than 50% of existing species continue to maintain a progressive decline in their populationand this is more and more accelerated.

That is why several of the scientists who have participated in the study have affirmed that We are living the beginning of the “sixth mass extinction”, an event that will cause the population of many more species to continue to decline, and some may even disappear completely. And it is that the data obtained from the study affirm that while un 48% of the species analyzed have a population in decline, only 3% maintain a growth in their population.

And of course, Those responsible for this happening are none other than ourselves, humans. The construction of farms, towns, roads and all kinds of constructions that we are creating is destroying a large part of the natural habitat of the animals, and converting by occupying other areas in which these animals previously lived peacefully. Undoubtedly, that several researchers announce the possibility of the arrival of the “sixth mass extinction” is something alarming, but only we can reverse it.