A burst pipe has caused a lot of flooding in the De Houttuinen residential complex in Emmeloord. Six apartments were evacuated and a lot of mopping was required.

    The water pipe burst at the beginning of the night from Sunday to Monday for unknown reasons. The water flowed everywhere, according to the fire service. The corridors and a number of apartments on all three floors of the complex were flooded. The water flowed down through the walls and meter boxes. The power had to be shut off in some homes to prevent dangerous situations.

    After the fire service had shut off the water supply, the emergency services could start mopping. Sandbags were used to protect the parts of the building that were still dry from the rushing water.

    Mopping for two hours

    After two hours of mopping, the water was largely cleared up. A contractor and technical service provider have taken over the further handling of the fire service. The exact damage to the residential complex is not yet known.

    Seven people had to be accommodated elsewhere. Partly with relatives, but some could also go elsewhere in the building or could be taken care of in the adjacent care complex. It is not yet known when they will be able to return to their homes.

    Salvage will handle the damage together with Mercatus, the landlord of the apartments.

    Bags of sand were filled to protect the still dry parts of the apartment complex. © Pro News