Walter Tavares forces Florentino Pérez to kneel

05/26/2023 at 16:36


The player’s contract ends in 2024 and he was not happy with what Madrid offered him to renew

The white president, fearing losing the most decisive pivot in Europe, will agree to pay him more than the team’s salary scale

What Madrid soccer stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo or the captain, Sergio Ramos, did not achieve at the timehas been achieved by the center of the basketball team, Walter Eddy Tavares.

And it is that the president of Madrid, Florentino Pérez, who nobody coughs at when negotiating contracts, He has had no choice but to submit to the demands of the Best Defender in the Euroleague and MVP of the Final Four and pay him more than what hee had been stipulated in his salary scale in order to extend his contract with Madrid.

Tavares was already the highest paid player in the white squad, with a gross contract of 3.2 million euros, which meant a clean file close to two million. But the player, when negotiating his contract for 2025, asked for more money considering that it was worth it.

Stalled negotiations

Negotiations had stalled in recent months and nothing indicated that the pivot was going to extend his contractual relationship with Madrid, aware that he would surelyor he would find another team that would gladly pay him what he asked.

Although his spectacular performance in the quarterfinal play-off against Partizan and his clear influence in the Final Four where he also won the MVP, have led the white president to reconsider his decision not to move on the offer and will finally make a move in favor of the Cape Verdean.

Florentino, aware of the importance of achieving the Euroleague the year that Pablo Laso was fired, he wanted to ‘reward’ Tavares, to increase his record above two million euros and give in -unwillingly- with the high claims of the pivot.