Feya is located in the water at the small peninsula of Kadettangen. Last month she rocked the Norwegian capital Oslo. In harbors she climbed on boats to laze there, but they then started to partially sink. She also swam in the way of rowers and swimmers, who were advised to get out of the water if they saw Freya. Not because she would be aggressive towards people, but because she might want to play and drag swimmers underwater.

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    Freya is well known not only in Norway, but also in the Netherlands. In October last year she selected a submarine of the Royal Netherlands Navy in Den Helder to sunbathe.

    Although Freya has now moved to Bærum, she is also causing some commotion there. On Thursday, the police were called because they were chasing a person who was swimming. According to the police, she then “behaved a little angry.”

    The walrus attracts a lot of attention. People flock to the seaside town with their children to admire Freya. They also deliberately swim towards her. The local police have already called on the spectators several times to stay away and are now even threatening to close the area. “It seems they don’t understand the risks of getting so close to this wild animal. We again ask people to be aware of the risk and to keep enough distance from the animal,” the police wrote on Twitter.

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    For the time being, warning messages have been posted around the water and there are daily guards present to keep a close eye on the situation.

    The walrus has been around for a long time. Her congeners normally choose the Arctic, but Freya prefers to dwell further south. After her performance in the Dutch Wadden Sea in October, trips to Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom, she arrived in Norway in June.