In the 3rd and last match of the 2022 World Cup Group B, Wales and England shared their trump cards. The fight ended with England’s 3-0 advantage.


    In the 2022 FIFA World Cup, England beat Wales 3-0 in their third match in Group B and advanced to the round of 16.

    Finishing Group B as the leader with 7 points, England will face Senegal, the second of Group A, in the last 16 rounds.

    Wales, who had one point at the end of three matches, said goodbye to the tournament they participated in 64 years later in the group stage.

    England caught the first goal in the match. Goalkeeper Ward, who quickly closed his angle with the shot of Rashford, who moved behind the defense with Kane’s intermediate pass in the 10th minute, did not allow the goal.

    England playing with more pressure, Rashford in the 24th and 39th minutes, 45+3. In the second minute, he tried the Wales castle with the Stones, but could not get any results. Wales is 45+5. He could not take advantage of the opportunity he found with Allen and the first half ended in a 0-0 draw.

    England started the second half fast, found 2 goals in 2 minutes. Rashford, who took the ball in the free throw won from the left of the penalty arc in the 50th minute, sent the leather ball into the nets with a smooth kick to the far corner: 0-1.

    This time Foden appeared on the stage in the 51st minute. Foden, who completed the cross made by Kane from the ground close to the last line on the right side of the penalty area, on the back post, brought the round leather nets together and increased the difference to 2: 0-2.

    In England, coach Gareth Southgate made 3 changes in the 57th and 58th minutes, thinking about the last 16 round match after taking the lead with two different scores. Southgate took the team’s key names Kane, Rice and Walker from the game, and replaced these players with Wilson, Phillips and Alexander-Arnold.

    Marcus Rashford, one of the hardest-working names of the match, increased the lead to 3 in the 68th minute. Rashford, who met the ball on the right wing with Phillips’ long pass in his own half, scored his second and his team’s third goal with a hard shot after he entered the penalty area: 0-3.

    This was England’s 100th goal in the World Cup.

    England won the match 3-0 and made their mark in the round of 16.

    It was announced that 44 thousand 297 fans followed the fight. Stefan Kuntz, the coach of the national team, followed the match from the stands.

    – Wales’ Williams could not continue the game

    Welsh football player Neco Williams was unable to continue the match due to an injury he suffered after the ball hit him hard in the head.

    In the 24th minute of the game, Williams blocked the ball with his head on Rashford’s hard shot. Medical teams intervened on the 21-year-old defender, who remained on the ground after the ball hit his head hard.

    Continuing the game, Neco Williams fell down again when he did not feel well in the 34th minute. Roberts replaced Williams in the 36th minute.

    In Wales, Ben Davies and Joe Allen had to leave the game due to injuries, as well as Williams.