VW share: Volkswagen wants to phase out the Golf series

“If the world develops completely differently than expected by 2026 or 2027, then we can also launch a completely new vehicle. But I don’t think so. So far this has not been planned,” said VW brand boss Thomas Schäfer in an interview with the automobile week. The current Golf 8 will be fundamentally revised again next year. “So he’s in a great position until the end of the decade. Then we’ll have to see how the segment develops.” The name Golf should be retained, announced Schäfer: “It is clear that we will not give up iconic names like Golf, Tiguan and GTI, but will transfer them to the electric world. But with the Golf in particular, it has to fit the genes. Just any It’s not okay to call the vehicle that. We won’t make that mistake.”

There will only be an electric Golf “if it really has Golf genes in it – such as a flatter roof compared to the ID.3.” That will be with the new SSP platform from 2028 at the earliest.


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