Jaap and An are busy. The volunteers of the Monnickendammer Visdagen show old crafts such as knotting ropes, making sails and knitting socks. They have been there since the beginning of the young tradition – the event started in 2015. “As volunteers, we want to bring back the old atmosphere of Monnickendam.”

    Volunteers wear Monnickendammer Fishing Days – NH Nieuws

    Annie Lagrand-Groenewoud – we may say An – is working on a pair of socks. That’s been going on for a while, because she’s only working on it during these days. “It’s nice here. We have a very close team and all were like: ‘When can we go again?'”

    “It’s cosy, friendly,” agrees secretary Jan Meerman. “It’s a special kind of ‘event’. The audience consists of many older people, but they also have to be entertained, don’t they. And tourists of course.” An does notice a difference: “The Asians are staying away this year.”

    “This event is here to stay”

    secretary Monnickendammer Fishing Days Jan Meerman

    The event is run by volunteers. “You see that people come back repeatedly. That also means that they continue to like it,” says Meerman. “What else are you supposed to do on Fridays? Then don’t you come here?”

    Jaap and An

    Jaap Mulder is an old neighbor of An. During these days they form a regular duo. They get a lot of entitlement. “I was sailing last week, so now I’m showing some knots,” says Jaap. “And next week I’ll show you something else. A lot of people who have a boat – that includes expensive guys – don’t understand how to make a ‘tackle’ to prevent it from fraying. And I teach them that.”

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    Jaap Mulder and Annie Lagrand-Groenewoud – NH Nieuws

    The organization is still looking for new volunteers, literally young blood. Secretary Meerman: “It is not easy. You notice that there are few applications. When someone came, she was immediately included in the board. She is in her forties. But you see, the rest are all sixty to seventy years old. a lot of people in their eighties.” When that happens, he sees it sunny. “I think we are doing a lot of people a favor with it. This event is here to stay.”

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