A great Grozer, author of 33 points, leads Vero Volley to success. The wasted opportunities of the Pontines

    Monza wins again, recovering Cisterna 3-2. Not always a spectacular match in which the Monzese, among the many ups and downs in batting and the many mistakes, find the 33 points of Grozer, discounted mvp, hitting a fundamental success.

    Monza -Cisterna 3-2 (21-25, 25-18, 26-28, 25-18, 15-11)

    Cisterna plays a careful and orderly game, manages ordinary administration well but gets into trouble against the opponent’s outbursts and constantly suffers in reception, even wasting a set (the fourth) in which Monza commits 14 errors but drags the match to the tiebreak. Eccheli starts with Zimmermann in direction opposite Grozer, central Di Martino-Galassi, Maar-Davyskiba spikers and free Federici. The ex-Soli replies with Baranowicz-Dirlic diagonally opposite setter, Zingel-Rossi in the center, Bayram-Sedlacek (another ex) on the side with Catania free. Monza starts, ahead 4-1 after Di Martino’s block who, however, has to go out due to injury two exchanges later (Beretta enters) and the guests equalize at 10. The inertia has changed because Monza makes so many mistakes (especially from 9 metres, 7 errors) and Cisterna was ordered in the wall-defence and Baranowicz’s direction organized Cisterna’s attack in the best possible way. The Lazio extend 17-21 and control for 21-25 which is worth 0-1. Davyskiba changes pace in serving for Monza, and with 2 aces to make it 7-2, he forces Soli into timeout. But Cisterna is there, and as soon as the intensity of the Brianza players drops, they come back into contact (17-16 on Baranowicz’s ace). Sedlacec (he suffers the ace from Zimmerman and the block from Grozer) makes a mistake for 20-16.

    Park bench

    The Croatian (nervous, takes the yellow card) shortly after leaves the field to Gutierrez, who presents himself with two powerful attacks. That’s not enough, because the hosts control until 25-18 which is worth 1-1, with a 7-point Davyskiba with 3 aces in the fraction. Cisterna starts again with another attitude (1-5 with double Sedlacek and Dirlic’s block and ace), then Grozer takes the chair. With Zimmermann trying to look more for the central players, the German opposite takes on his teammates by scoring 9 points in the fraction. Cisterna, however, responded with Dirlic and the excellent direction of Baranowicz, who nullified the opponent’s block. Cisterna wasted (from 21-23 to 23-23 with an ace from Szwarc, who entered serve), then Maar’s mistake on 26-28 gave the first point of the game. At the beginning of the fourth set, the teams refuse and the show suffers. Monza drowns in his mistakes (8 for the first 9 guest points, of which you serve), but lights up on a long exchange closed by Davyskiba which is worth the first advantage of the locals. Vero Volley extends (21-14, with Gutierrez on the field for Sedlacek) and takes home (25-) a set in which he commits 14 errors, 11 of which in serving and Cisterna who refuses all the presents. First extension by Cisterna at the tiebreak (0-3), but a serve by Maar is worth the break that leads to overtaking and to 9-7, which becomes 13-10 after Davyskiba’s ace. Cisterna raises the white flag and Beretta’s block closes 15-11 for a 3-2. (Rodolfo Palermo)