Viviana Canosa He returned from his vacation to resume broadcasting “Flock of Assholes”his streaming program, and stated in his editorial: “Argentina died.” And aimed at the president Alberto FernandezSergio Massa, and other government figures.

    “I don’t know how it’s going to be this year. I have no idea who will be the president, nor what will happen between now and the elections. And besides, all the evil that these characters are going to end up doing, that they are going to have to leave, because it is also that, right? They are capable of anything”, Canosa shot at the beginning of her editorial, referring to Kirchnerism, a political arch of which she is a fierce critic.

    Canosa beat up the President of the Nation, after he expressed his desire to travel to Brazil to support his peer, Lula Da Silva, in the midst of the conflicts that were recently experienced in the neighboring country. “Stay here, skinny. Do you talk about democracy? You? What are you going against the Supreme Court of Justice?” Canosa questioned. Later, he dedicated more words to the president. “Alberto Fernández always deals with bullshit.

    He also commented on the escrache that Miramar residents made to the president during his recent visit. “Vox populi, vox dei. The people are not wrong, it is the voice of the people,” said the driver, who called the president “decorative chair“.

    Then, the host commented on details of her recent trip to Spaincomparing to Argentina with the Iberian country. “Simple things: you can go out, they don’t rush you, they don’t point you, they have quilombos like everyone else, but it’s not the same. People are educated, correct, they don’t block your street, those things that seem like nonsense but one, plus one, plus one, it’s a lot, ”she commented with some indignation.

    After the comparison, he stated that although “Argentina died”, “it must be resuscitated among all of us”, but he was ironic about the problems that the last one had National Census, alleging that he does not know how much population there is in the country to date. “I was thinking about 45 million and then I said to myself ‘no, if we don’t have the census yet, a photo of another farce’, how many will we be? Will we be 45 million? Will we be 46 million? We don’t have the foggiest idea, “said the driver.

    He also questioned the government’s initiative to request the impeachment against the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Horace Rosattiof whom he showed past images, when Alberto Fernandez, Nestor Kirchner and his own Rosatti they were close figures. “They do not forgive the Court that did not work for the impunity of Cristina Kirchner)they can’t stand it. Before they didn’t say anything about Rosatti, now he is the antichrist, that guy you see there next to Néstor Kirchner, ”said Canosa, referring to the controversy over the ruling favorable to the City of Buenos Aires on the issue of co-participation.

    He also spoke of inflation, and charged against the figure of the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa. “While the Titanic continues to sink, ‘Minister Scissorhands’ has no better idea than to talk about careful prices. It didn’t work! It does not work! They are not going to lower inflation with that. But in Argentina we are known for always repeating the same mistakes. I would propose to the minister or anyone in the government that they come with me to the supermarket one day. They die, they fall on their ass, the prices are nonsense,” Canosa said.

    He also charged against other government officials such as the spokeswoman Gabriela Cerrutti, of whom he said that “he lives in a parallel reality”, after it he affirmed that retirements are above the inflationary level; and against Victoria Dondawho recently left his position in front of INADI and whom he described as an “imbecile, good for nothing.”

    by RN

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