Vince Holding Corp. stops the Rebecca Taylor brand, according to a press release from the US fashion group. The company announces that it will focus its resources on the Vince brand.

    “Due to the difficulties, ranging from the macroeconomic level to pandemic-related problems in the industry, which particularly affect Rebecca Taylor, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue Rebecca Taylor’s operations,” said Mitteling. Closing Rebecca Taylor allows the company to focus on Vince’s core business and our long-term financial footing,” said Jack Sulfur, CEO of Vince Holding Corp. Rebecca Taylor is a women’s fashion brand that, according to the brand’s website, is romance redefined”. The brand takes elements from the past but reshapes them.

    In addition to Vince and Rebecca Taylor, Vince Holding Corp. also the Parker brand. However, Parker appears to remain active. Results for the second quarter of the current fiscal year show that the Vince brand achieved a sales surplus and a profit during the period. Rebecca Taylor and Parker, who are combined in the report, reported a drop in sales and a higher loss.

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