Girl venom is bullying behavior among girls and often takes place below the surface. As a result, it is not always visible and difficult to tackle. The EO is making an online special about bullying in which the Zoetermeerse Tessa can be seen.

    CHICA is a girl platform from the EO where teenage girls feel heard and taken seriously. In the online special on Sunday 25 September, EO presenters Anne-Mar Zwart and Rachel Rosier will talk to Temari, Sara, Dishanya, Faye and Tessa to discuss bullying behavior by girls.

    Have the guts to say something about it

    The four girls share their experiences about, among other things, gossiping and being excluded. Presenter Rachel: “I hope CHICA will make girls realize that creating a safe environment for each other starts with yourself. That girls have the guts to say something if this bullying behavior occurs in their group of friends.”

    CHICA can be seen from Sunday 25 September 3 pm at the EO on the YouTube channel of NPO Zapp.

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