VIDEO: The tender “romance” of the children of Boca Juniors leaders

After Mouth would become Champion of the Argentine Super Cupafter winning 3 to 0 to Board of Trusteesthe player Frank Fabra He starred in a fun moment when talking to a journalist after the game, when he released the scoop on the “romance” between his son and the daughter of the also Boca player, Jorge Figal.

After the journalist tattoo aguilera I asked him about where his son was, Derek, Fabra surprised with his statement: “he is having an affair with Figal’s daughter.” And after the declaration of the side of the Xeneize, the camera took the image of Derek, wearing his blue and yellow outfit, holding hands with Figal’s daughter, Felicitas. Both Aguilera and Fabra laughed as they watched the children walk lovingly together.

“Where is Figal”? then asked, laughing, tattoo aguilera. Nicolás Figal was present on the mobile. And he wasn’t entirely happy with the joke about his daughter’s romance, but he agreed to take it with humor. “Don’t play dumb, Frank, you know what…” Figal launched, adding to the general laughter.

But also, before taking Figal’s daughter by the hand, Fabra’s son demonstrated his charisma with another episode. He had accompanied his father to give a note, and while the soccer player was talking with the journalist Morena Beltran, Derek took the microphone from them and began to make his family talk. “I like Boca’s journalism,” he finished before leaving.

Meanwhile, with this victory, Xeneize adds its second title of Argentine Super Cup and equals River as the only teams that have repeated in this trophy. The first Super Cup that Boca won was in 2018, when they beat Central Rosary in the penalty shootout after the 0-0 draw during regulation time.

by RN

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