Did you already know that as an investor in crypto trading, you cannot only rely on rising prices for Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co.? Instead of opening so-called long positions, you can speculate on falling prices with short positions. In our guide video you will learn what options there are for crypto shorting and what you need to consider. Using Plus500 as an example, we will show you step-by-step how you can short a Bitcoin CFD – watch now and bet on falling prices!

    Video: Shorting crypto - this is how you can bet on falling prices for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Co.

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    In this video you will learn what to look out for when trading with CFDs, Futures & Co. We will also explain how you can protect your crypto assets against loss of value. The finanzen.net-Ratgeber team hopes you enjoy watching!

    Image sources: Hi my name is Jacco / shutterstock.com