the chief of staff John Manzur presented in Congress a report on the 1000 days of management who leads in the government of Alberto Fernandez. After his exposition, the deputy PRO waldo wolff He crossed the Tucuman in what became a tense moment in the venue.

    “I want to express a strong repudiation of the attempted assassination of Vice President Cristina Kirchner. Reiterate my personal solidarity with her and with her family,” Manzur began. He then spoke about the need for economic stability and the search for “social peace,” acknowledging the general discontent over the loss of purchasing power.

    The video of Waldo Wolf’s intervention:

    He also spoke of the need to expand the productive apparatus, and reduce the fiscal deficit. He also assured that the Government “has shown signs, and will continue to do so, of promoting frank dialogue and the agreements that are required based on medium and long-term policies.” He also highlighted that during July corrections were implemented that will allow the resumption of “a fiscal path compatible with a annual deficit of the National Public Sector of less 2.5% of GDP”, a fact that would make it easier to comply with the guidelines with the IMF.

    But after Manzur’s speech, Wolff came out to the intersection. “It would seem that we do not live in Argentina”said the PRO deputy. Wolff, ironic, He praised the strategy of “not coming for a year” and of “skipping talk about the party in Olivos, the VIP vaccination, the Iranian plane, and the threats to Justice,” among other issues. “I want to propose to him, first of all, that he no longer disrespect us,” the deputy fired.

    Wolff’s were not the only critics. The deputy of the Left Front Alejandro Vilca pointed out that Manzur’s exposition “is far from the reality that millions of workers live and suffer who do not make ends meet, who suffer the rates, inflation, poverty”. Manzur defended himself against these accusations, alleging that the rate increase is not a “high rate” but rather a “redistribution of subsidies”.

    “You said that inflation is going down sustaining economic growth, but you also said that we are coming from 21 consecutive months of economic growth. It is clear that growth was not enough to lower inflation”, added the deputy for the PRO Maria Eugenia Vidal among critical voices.

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