January 25 will be released “The Fort Commander”a series produced by Star Original Productions that will tell the life of the eccentric Argentine businessman Richard Fort, one of the most controversial personalities of the Argentine show business who in a few years captivated the public with his appearances on TV programs, with his theater shows and his media scandals. Today, 9 years after her death, Fort is almost an icon of national pop culture, and lives on in memes, stickers, and even merchandising with her image and her famous phrases.

    The series is a four-episode documentary that will go through the life of the millionaire through testimonies from his closest environment, such as his brother Eduardo; the last couple of him, the deceased Gustavo Martinez; and his sons, Felipe and Marta Fort. And people who treated him. Y It will air on Star+.

    In addition, it will bring to light exclusive archive images, never before shown. It is that the objective of “The Commander” is to revive the colorful character that everyone knew, but also to show the person behind the character.

    The series will touch on topics such as the gay scene of the 90s and 2000s, the pressure of fame and the terrible pains that Fort had to endure to manipulate his image: Fort underwent more than 20 surgeries throughout his life in order to pursue the body he longed for).

    “Commander” it was created by Patricio Alvarez Marriedand was scripted by renowned writers and journalists such as Tamara Tenenbaum, Juan José Becerra, Nicolás Miguelez, Tomás Balmaceda and Eddie Fitte. The executive production is in charge of Mariano Álvarez Casado and Josefina Hassan, and the realization in the hands of Patricio Álvarez Casado, Marcelo Burgos, Federico Luis Tachella, Nicolás Goldbart and Azul Lombardía.

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