THEon 9 January Nicholas Peltz, Brooklyn Beckham’s wife, she turned 28. Unmissable greetings from fans, friends and relatives. And surprisingly also of Victoria Beckhamwho wished her daughter-in-law a happy birthday with a picture of them together. An event that aroused the curiosity of followers given the gossip about an alleged rivalry between women. Will a post be enough to put an end to this assumption?

    Victoria Beckham vs Nicola Peltz

    According to reports from the international gossip press, disagreements between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law would have arisen regarding Nicola’s wedding dress. which, apparently, it should have been made by Victoria’s atelier.

    However, Nicola preferred a creation by Valentino, sparking the alleged family feud. The new Mrs. Beckham later justified her choice by saying a variety that VB’s atelier was unable to make the dress. Hence the decision to turn to another stylist.

    The greeting post

    A shot during a lunch, just the two of them, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law, while they cover their mouths to hide a laugh. «Happy birthday Nicole! Hope you have a nice day». Here is the greeting post dedicated by the former music star to his son’s wife. A post to which the birthday girl replied with a «Thank you very much». Grudge set aside, then? In reality, it is not the first time that Nicola has appeared on Victoria’s Instagram profile after her wedding with Brooklyn.

    In October, during the Paris Fashion Week, VB posted a photo of the whole family who arrived in France to support her. A post that had a dual purpose: to thank the dearest loved ones but also to demonstrate to the whole world that the Beckham family is still united. Yet there is something in the greeting post that doesn’t convince the followers.

    The ultra-luxury home of Brooklyn Beckham and his girlfriend Nicola Peltz

    The doubts of the followers

    First of all, the words used by Victoria cause perplexity. In fact, many users point out that the greeting post is not very affectionate and they wonder why I didn’t end with the classic “kisses”.

    Not only. The photo dates back to some time ago. In fact, in the image, Nicola appears with blond hair, a nuance she sported until a few months ago, when she switched to brown. It is therefore plausible that the two women have not really seen each other in recent times. The question, therefore, arises spontaneously: is the family feud really over?