Gijs Groenteman gets a big punch in the face after his criticism of Today Inside. Johan Derksen in particular asserts himself: “Gijs only looks ugly in photos, because Gijs is ugly!”

    © SBS 6

    The sneer of Gijs Groenteman at the address of Today Inside stars Johan Derksen, Wilfred Genee and René van der Gijp comes back in his face like a boomerang. The presenter of the public broadcaster was ridiculed yesterday in the World Cup Football version of the program: De Oranjewinter.

    Gijs gets a beating

    Gijs is annoyed that the VI gentlemen would always deliberately show an ugly picture of him. He also thinks it is a very bad program, which he describes as an ‘institute’. “I believe they really think they have become the center of the world,” says Hannneke Groenteman’s son.

    The men of VI have since taken note of that criticism. Wilfred brought up the subject in passing yesterday. Then Johan laughed: “You are resentful! Haha. What do I care what Gijs Groenteman says about me?!”

    Hélène Hendriks: “Gijs is a bit angry!”

    ‘He is ugly!’

    Wilfred: “What I liked most about it is that he said that we purposely showed an unflattering photo of him. He looked bad in that picture. Let’s have a look.”

    Then a whole series of ugly pictures of Gijs passes by. Johan: “Yes, but Gijs only looks ugly in photos, because Gijs is ugly.”

    Helene: “Well!!!”

    Johan: “No, you can’t go on TV with a head like that, do you think?”

    René: “Gijs keeps pulling his head like: I don’t know. Of course it is. He doesn’t know either!

    Stench for thanks

    It is striking that Gijs lashed out so hard at VI, because Johan has been a warm advocate in recent weeks for the idea of ​​bringing Gijs and colleague Marcel van Roosmalen to SBS 6 to follow up on the talk show HLF8.

    Wilfred to Johan: “What I find most painful for you to read: they don’t want to do HLF8 at all. They find it scandalous that those ‘boys from the asylum’ [dat opperen]. Now they don’t seem to want it at all!”

    Johan: “They call this a classic stench for gratitude.”

    Satire or not?

    Is it all meant to be so serious? Hélène wonders: “It was a bit of satire, I think, by Gijs Groenteman?”

    Wilfred states that Gijs is really angry. “No, he’s angry. He’s very angry. Yes, she’s really angry. haha.”