The death of a great artist touched Jukka Raitala.

    Vesa-Matti Loir’s voice sinks into Jukka Raitala’s bones and core. Jussi Eskola

    – We dream. We will fight. We believe in the impossible. We are stubborn, humble, gutsy, brave and passionate.

    – Now is the time for the next step. Towards new dreams. Towards new blue and white stories. Now the wait is rewarded. And no one will take this moment away from us.

    I saw the deceased Vesa-Matti Loiri stated in the video released last June “Finland is ready for Europe!”. Playing in the background Finland.

    It was a video published just before the opening match of the European Championship, in which Loiri, who is also known as a great football fan, spoke on the threshold of the Huuhkajie’s historic prestigious tournament.

    You can get that video Jukka Raitalan hairs still standing up. The HJK and Huuhkaji defender says he listens to it every week.

    Namely that he listens.

    – I still have a tradition of listening to it before matches. It gave chills before the European Championships and still does. Loir’s voice has that kind of charisma that hits the bones and cores, Raitala said on Thursday after HJK’s victory.

    Loiri was a HJK or Klub man, as is Raitalak.

    – The news of the passing away touched me, Raitala summarized.

    Loiri was also seen in the Huuhkajie EC team announcement video.

    – When I was younger, perhaps my biggest dream was to become a great goalkeeper. Well, it went how it went, but luckily we now have a top-notch hammer. Lukas HradeckyLoiri said.