Hellas ahead with another goal from Doig, Sottil’s team reacts and finds the same with Beto, then Bijol in full recovery throws the Friulians behind the Napoli-Atalanta couple

    It never ceases to surprise Udinese, who won 2-1 in Verona thanks to a goal in the 93rd minute by Bijol, who scored for the second consecutive match. They have six consecutive successes for Sottil’s team, still one point in the standings from the leaders in Naples and Atalanta. The verdict of Bentegodi penalizes Verona, which continues to get fewer points than it deserves. However, the result is fair: Udinese undoubtedly had more opportunities, wasting too much due to lack of quality in the shots on goal, with the unleashed Deulofeu doing everything well except the conclusions (sensational mistake in the head in the first half).


    After the first thrill (Montipò’s mistake in the postponement, but Makengo does not discard the gift), Verona holed up and tried to restart, finding the goal with the young Scottish Doig, who rejoices for the second time in the league thanks to a nice left on the fly. Here Udinese shows all its depth, playing football of great intensity and good quality. Pereyra and Walace waste good opportunities, Montipò does not work miracles but gives security. When the game seems to wrap up a bit, Sottil guesses everything from the bench. Inside the immense quality of the young Samardzic and Beto. And it is the Brazilian who scores from an action initiated by the left-handed and finished by Deulofeu. Cioffi’s changes give much less and Verona struggles to create, preferring to protect the same. Mission accomplished until 93 ‘, when Gunter and Ceccherini let Bijol jump off his head on a punishment from the omnipresent Samardzic. The Slovenian after punishing Inter scores another heavy goal and Udine relives the good old days, when he was often in the upper parts of the table.