The fire at Van der Valk Nuland has a longer aftermath than expected. Where the restaurant was always packed at Christmas, the doors remained closed this year. And for the time being, the hotel will not open either. Due to the fire, all communication systems are down, says a spokesperson.

    The hotel has been under renovation for several years and it was almost finished. But just before the opening, a fire broke out in one of the server rooms, as a result of which the cash register systems were lost. The pipework is also affected throughout the building. “We hope to have more clarity within a month about how quickly we can restore everything,” says the spokesperson.

    There are still a few people staying at the hotel at the moment. They can order room service in the morning and evening. It is not clear when the hotel can reopen.

    For the owners of the hotel, it is another major setback. The renovated hotel was supposed to open in 2021, but the renovation was delayed due to corona and a shortage of materials. Meanwhile, the final phase had begun and the hotel would reopen in December. But that will have to wait for now.

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