The municipality’s wish was to reopen the Mandela Bridge to pedestrians, cyclists and travelers on January 15. This schedule turns out to be a bit too ambitious, so the opening is postponed.

    The support of the bridge sections above the Zuidweg and the NS track appears to be more complicated than that
    originally thought. Therefore, it will not be possible to open the bridge on January 15, the municipality said.

    Via the emergency stairs or ramp

    On Thursday 29 December, the bridge section above the A12 was removed and placed on the work site along the A12. The emergency bridge was placed the same day and the closed A12 was reopened.

    The emergency bridge, which we will soon be walking or cycling over, is a lot higher than the original floor. This resulted in a height difference. The contractor therefore installs a small staircase for pedestrians, and a ramp for cyclists and people in a mobility scooter or with a pram or walker. The municipality promises that the track will gradually go up so that we don’t have to make an enormous effort to get to the top.

    Please wait

    The municipality of Zoetermeer is looking together with the contractor at which measures are possible to speed up the work in a safe manner. The intention is that the Mandela Bridge will actually open in January. We will keep you informed!

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