Vaccine manufacturer Astrazeneca presents annual balance sheet

CAMBRIDGE (dpa-AFX) – With the production of a corona vaccine and a multi-billion takeover, the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca has had a turbulent year. The extent to which 2021 was financially worthwhile will become apparent on Thursday: Then the British-Swedish company will present its annual figures. Analysts expect significant increases in both sales and profits.

When it presented its third-quarter results, the company expressed confidence that it would achieve its full-year revenue target of $36.2 billion. Above all, Astrazeneca is hoping for a further boost from the $39 billion purchase of the US biotechnology company Alexion, which researches rare diseases.

The group now also wants to make money with its corona vaccine Vaxzevria. While Astrazeneca had offered the drug exclusively at cost price from the start, the company is now aiming for “moderate profitability”. Several profit-oriented agreements had been signed for 2022, it was said in November 2021. Competitors Pfizer/Biontech and Moderna have been making profits with their vaccines since the beginning./bvi/DP/stw

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