The LaLiga institution, which is affiliated with the clubs in the 1st and 2nd football leagues in Spain, asked the club president and the board of directors to apply an “immediate sporting sanction” to the Italian Juventus club, who resigned.

    LaLiga, in a written statement, said, “Financial sustainability is very important to protect the commercial business of football. Let’s take care of our football.” He emphasized that the economic controls implemented in Spanish football clubs for about 10 years should be valid for all clubs in Europe.

    Reminding that Juventus, which was also investigated by the Italian financial police, officially filed a complaint with UEFA in April on the grounds that it violated UEFA Financial Fair Play rules, LaLiga reported that it accused the Italian club of hiding the real payrolls of its players and the expenses of its employees, and showing the transfer values ​​above the truth.

    LaLiga, one of the important institutions of Spanish football, noted that it “continues these complaints against Juventus in order to promote financially sustainable football in Europe and demands that the authorities apply urgent sporting sanctions to this club”.

    LaLiga, in its complaint to UEFA in April, accused Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain clubs, apart from Juventus, of violating UEFA Financial Fair Play rules.

    Juventus Club President Andrea Agnelli and its board of directors resigned after the club’s financial accounts for the period 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 were examined through an investigation initiated by the Turin Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office.